Thursday, June 2, 2011


May ended so quickly. I look around to realize almost a month has passed and the window for enjoying summer and accomplishing a long wish list is getting smaller. So while the wishing is getting bigger, the time is getting shorter. I'm still hoping to make time to help Levi dig his toes into a sandy beach, finally learn to really cook (half check on accomplishing that), get exercise consistently (my husband's favorite), drink green tea and like it, finish our family photo books. To write a children's book for Levi, learn to work my fancy camera, pray through about a few things, add some of these to our house (but hopefully for a lot less than $34 each). And get together with lots of other couples. Among other things. So it's now or never. Tally-ho. (Such a fun word with even a bit of history in India, according to Wikipedia. No wonder I like it so much.)

Hope your wishing is being accomplished with doing...and mingled in it all is time to "be still and know" and enjoy doing nothing with those you love most.

Tally-ho! A whole summer awaits!

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Martin LaBar said...

That's a serious agenda!