Monday, June 13, 2011

Now I Live to Bring...

Encouragement and challenges today have come through the voice and words of others. That is why I'll share a few dribblings of these thoughts in hopes that they will also continue to be passed on and bear fruit in all of our lives.

Today in worship I sang the words,

"There is no one else for me. None but Jesus.
Crucified to set me free. Now I live to bring Him praise."

I raised my hands high on the line about freedom because that's what God has been doing in my life. Bringing freedom. But when the next line came, I hung my head a little bit and pulled my arms down lower. It's easy to sing about wanting to bring him praise. But on the inside of my beating chest, is my drive to bring him glory? Did last week's decision not to celebrate a birthday with someone lonely hurt his heart and stifle his voice in my life? Did me not leaving money for the family that has scraps left in their cupboard bless his heart? Did I live abandoned to his voice this past week? I know my answers. My heart sees today that my actions and motives must be different for his glory. And the words this afternoon from this blog post called me action. NOW is the time to live to bring him praise.

The sermon today was about loving God supremely. Meaning, NO other gods. How those little devils can be tricky and so disguised that I never even notice they are there taking first place. The lessons continued in the evening watching Bill Johnson on iBethel TV, {dare you to check out Bethel} as he spoke about the fear of man driving us versus the fear of God. You can watch it here. I was encouraged and challenged by words about God wanting to free me from this fear of man to bring me into full freedom to live to bring him glory.

All day the call to more has come accompanied by practical steps. Like puzzle pieces. And I'm left knowing, there's a lesson here.

His glory alone.

NO other gods.

My freedom.

God's opinion, not man's

Then I will be able to sing with arms raised, "Now I live to bring you praise."

May that be true of my life {our lives} this month, June 2011, and the fruit of praise be evident.

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