Thursday, June 30, 2011


We've been having lots of moments with Levi lately.

Like last night when we pointed to a tiger picture and he began entertaining a crowd with his tiger noises.

Or, his little fingers clutching pieces of food he wants to share with us. He is a treasure.

While we work to get those videos and pictures ready for posting, we hope you can enjoy some pictures of a little girl who just came home from Ethiopia. We don't personally know the family but have followed this beautiful journey as they adopted an older girl making her the sixth child in the family. It encouraged us so much we thought we'd share with you!

You can read more from their family here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Healing Out of Intimacy

Interesting title, huh? We've been diving into summer reading lately and while Jason's world is being shaken by the Word and Radical by David Platt mine is growing in part from Youtube videos and extended prayer times. Last night the only way I could bring myself to do a stack of dishes was to be learning something online in the process. So I chose Bill Johnson's sermon titled Healing Out of Intimacy. God spoke so deeply through it I had to share. Buckle your seat belts and breathe a prayer for the Holy Spirit to have you all...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Summer Vacation by Levi

When Mom and Dad say we’re going to Georgia it means we drive forever. And I get antsy. But at the end of the long, straight roads, my family will be waiting with lots of fun. Like swinging with Grandpa. Following Grammy. Seeing my first snake in the woods and watching the action.

Being with family and getting all of the attention.

Getting to see Cousin Jacob and cheering on my first baseball game.

Seeing Mom be so silly with Aunt Brooke...

and being decidedly silly myself

then getting caught in the middle.

And, there was the beach where I finally learning to like the waves.

What a great time l had! I decided the long roads down to Georgia aren’t so bad after all and that they'd be a lot more interesting if Mom and Dad would bring along that rattlesnake next time.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Deep South

Hello from the smokey, southern state of Georgia. We've been down for the week
visiting family where wild fires have been burning around us covering the entire area with smoke and ash. This morning we ventured out in the smoke for Levi's first official beach trip. Pictures to come along with crazy cousin photos and other highlights.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Now I Live to Bring...

Encouragement and challenges today have come through the voice and words of others. That is why I'll share a few dribblings of these thoughts in hopes that they will also continue to be passed on and bear fruit in all of our lives.

Today in worship I sang the words,

"There is no one else for me. None but Jesus.
Crucified to set me free. Now I live to bring Him praise."

I raised my hands high on the line about freedom because that's what God has been doing in my life. Bringing freedom. But when the next line came, I hung my head a little bit and pulled my arms down lower. It's easy to sing about wanting to bring him praise. But on the inside of my beating chest, is my drive to bring him glory? Did last week's decision not to celebrate a birthday with someone lonely hurt his heart and stifle his voice in my life? Did me not leaving money for the family that has scraps left in their cupboard bless his heart? Did I live abandoned to his voice this past week? I know my answers. My heart sees today that my actions and motives must be different for his glory. And the words this afternoon from this blog post called me action. NOW is the time to live to bring him praise.

The sermon today was about loving God supremely. Meaning, NO other gods. How those little devils can be tricky and so disguised that I never even notice they are there taking first place. The lessons continued in the evening watching Bill Johnson on iBethel TV, {dare you to check out Bethel} as he spoke about the fear of man driving us versus the fear of God. You can watch it here. I was encouraged and challenged by words about God wanting to free me from this fear of man to bring me into full freedom to live to bring him glory.

All day the call to more has come accompanied by practical steps. Like puzzle pieces. And I'm left knowing, there's a lesson here.

His glory alone.

NO other gods.

My freedom.

God's opinion, not man's

Then I will be able to sing with arms raised, "Now I live to bring you praise."

May that be true of my life {our lives} this month, June 2011, and the fruit of praise be evident.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mr. and Mrs.

Oiy, it's been eleven days since the long-awaited announcement. When Matt Tegen, the oldest of the Tegen three, moved to Haiti on the remote island of LaGonave, never could he have anticipated a beautiful, young, single girl would live doors down from him. And the beautiful thing, neither could she have imagined him.

So last Thursday on a mountain in North Carolina, he asked her to spend forever behind his door, under his roof. And she excitedly said yes!

Congratulations, Matt and Justine! We are in awe of God's good gift of you for each other!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


May ended so quickly. I look around to realize almost a month has passed and the window for enjoying summer and accomplishing a long wish list is getting smaller. So while the wishing is getting bigger, the time is getting shorter. I'm still hoping to make time to help Levi dig his toes into a sandy beach, finally learn to really cook (half check on accomplishing that), get exercise consistently (my husband's favorite), drink green tea and like it, finish our family photo books. To write a children's book for Levi, learn to work my fancy camera, pray through about a few things, add some of these to our house (but hopefully for a lot less than $34 each). And get together with lots of other couples. Among other things. So it's now or never. Tally-ho. (Such a fun word with even a bit of history in India, according to Wikipedia. No wonder I like it so much.)

Hope your wishing is being accomplished with doing...and mingled in it all is time to "be still and know" and enjoy doing nothing with those you love most.

Tally-ho! A whole summer awaits!