Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orphan Summit, Milestones and Wisdom...Teeth

Saturday in the early morning we pulled in from Kentucky and an amazing, power-packed conference. I'll be sharing lots of thoughts on the Summit over at the Caroline's Promise blog. As soon as the post is up I'll share the link here.

And for Levi's haircut, three days away and a new haircut have us feeling like he's all grown up. But tonight my heart was comforted rocking him and giving him his warm bottle of milk. Here's the promised video of his haircut from last Sunday.

Tomorrow we head to an oral surgeon where Jason will have three wisdom teeth removed. One is halfway in with a cavity. Bummer. One is hiding below the surface and will have to be cut out. And the third is below the surface with a tumor growing underneath. Double bummer. But somehow, every time we share that tidbit of info we can't help but chuckle. He'll have quite the wisdom tooth tale.

We'll tweet tomorrow to keep you posted on the surgery's progress. Not sure we can promise any pictures though. Puffy cheeks are not popular these days. :)

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Misty said...

Hey! Wisdom teeth are no fun. Got mine taken out a year and a half ago. My dentist did NOT put me to sleep, and my tooth was on a nerve! Tell Jason I know what he is going through. Love ya'll.