Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Sweet Dormitory

It's quiet inside our five story chateau. Except for weekdays when maintenance men are rearranging furniture above our heads or hitting the lobby for more chemicals to add a fresh layer of shine to the floors. And there's always the fire alarm tests that happen to be scheduled for Levi's nap time. But somehow our little champion slept right through them. Strobe lights and all. It's his mama's genes.

We're grateful to be back between weekend travels and caught up in a week where every night has been full to the brim. And tonight, Thursday, is no exception. As I type the Tegen family is welcoming a new member a few miles away and a very feverish toddler sleeps in my arms. More on the new member to come and an update accompanied by an exciting video once our boy is feeling better.

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