Monday, April 4, 2011

The Countdown

The reason I totally missed sharing about turning 31 and have yet to share the latest "Walking by Faith" post and still have not posted Levi's milestones and a great clown car video is because of the countdown.

In four days people will converge on a local Baptist church to be engaged on behalf of orphans and if this girl typing doesn't keep organizing and copying and painting and praying and planning, there will be no event. So that's where I've been and where I am.

If you're reading's the opportunity... Pray me through these next four days and I'll be sure to come back with some great God-sized stories and some random moments thrown in for kicks.

So pray fervently with me for God's spirit to permeate that Baptist church on April 8th and for God to draw people to HIs heart. And if you wouldn't mind throwing in a few pleas for wisdom in speaking, wisdom in leading and wisdom in executing I'd be real, real grateful.

*I do promise to be back later today, however, to share a picture or two of our birthday boy. Happy, happy first year Levi!!*


The Frisk Five said...

I will most definitely be praying for you. Please pray for us as God is definitely using us at this time, and a very happy first birthday to Levi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin LaBar said...

God, help Kelley with her responsibilities, in this special meeting, and the other ones, too. Get glory from this. In Christ's name.