Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Extravagant Loving

There are so many posts that haven't been written these last six months or so. I've been afraid the only thing coming out would be the deep rumblings of a weary soul. I have been living the fact lately that God never calls us to the easy. Being one who is all for transparency and honest struggling, I'm learning that sometimes the filter should stay in place and protect the deep parts of our heart that only a Savior should hear. Wednesday I discovered He has been hearing and the answers are words my heart has been aching to know.

Surrounded by strange faces, I went to a house church hungry to worship. And, let me be real, because my interest was peeked when prophesying was mentioned. Who wouldn't like a little insight now and again? I need more than a cafeteria fortune cookie.

And Wednesday, I got more.

There was no mention of India, no strong rebuke for my lack of loving girls well in our dorm, and no revelation of how much longer we'll be where we are.

There was only love.

How is it that God doesn't weary of my complaining or lack of obedience? That oceans and oceans of love spill from His pages and His hand is so gentle? Have I somehow won the golden ticket for preferential treatment?

No. He has this for all.

God is love. Wednesday the love came through prophesy into a time of deep heart-heaviness and finally I deeply understood the meaning of the verse, "we love because He first loved us."

When loving isn't romantic and is absolutely undeserved, He loves.

Ever-so-gently, God spoke words that shocked me with their love factor. Then I realized. The only words I've ever known from Him are words that breathe life and reveal His view of me. So Wednesday the words spoke more deeply to my heart than "I love you" ever could. "Nothing has been wasted," He said. And so much more.

While learning, I stumbled across this video from one of my favorite blogs. Really never been a Third Day fan, but... this might just be the day...

We love because He first loved us, and I am being blown away by such extravagant loving.

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bestgalphotography said...

Wonderful. :)

By any chance is this a house church that meets near Clemson's campus and it meets in a townhouse? We are a part of one such house church but have been absent due to our new little one's arrival. Would love to have you guys there if it is the same place! :)

Sarah Mudder