Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pharmatricians and More

I got a report in my inbox today of our blog visitors. You sweet friends. We've been absent so long...I've actually had a bit of writer's block and the last two posts I composed never made it to you. We'll see how this one goes.

This month we traveled to Alabama to see sick family. On December 28th Jason's great-uncle, Walter Tegen, passed away. He was an incredible artist and servant of his country in his youth. Jason preached his funeral in Alabama.

Mom and Dad went with us to Alabama where Mom's side of the family lives. She stayed behind to take care of my aunt who is in the hospital with blood clots and extremely poor health. We're learning so much about love from my mom.

Before our new semester began, a huge snowstorm hit and closed school for three days. Cousin Bekah was stranded here with us and then as she drove back to Atlanta another friend arrived from Michigan for three days (Azerbaijan originally).

Life was still full after our friends left. Our teething tot couldn't sleep much at night so Jason purchased medicine for him assuring me the "pharmatrician" recommended it. You know, the pharmacist who specializes in children's medicine. :)

And so, we find ourselves at January 26th. Jason just spend today on the slopes of Beech Mountain in North Carolina enjoying time with his brother, just back from Haiti. Really, that's not saying anything about Caroline's Promise which has an exciting event being planned for April. After tomorrow night's meeting we'll share more.

And speaking (or writing) of sharing, we're working on capturing video of what Baby Tegen is up to these days. :)

And finally, nothing on the India front except a growing love. We trust. And wait. In time!


The Frisk Five said...

We are praying for you guys and missing you all the time. God is amazing.

The Anderson Family said...

You guys have the greatest blog ever! I always feel so uplifted after visiting. Thanks!