Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Battle

I think every time someone becomes a believer we should hand them a sword and say "welcome to the battle." Not to discourage them, but somebody has to warn them.

Or maybe we could hijack their Bibles and highlight all of the verses about warfare and the instructions on being victorious.

Because, spiritual warfare is ridiculous. Goodness knows I wasn't even really aware of it until we went overseas and came back.

I was bragging on God the other day to someone. When I was talking I had this clear sense that the enemy was not happy with the truth I was sharing about freedom in Christ. I mean, freedom to serve him unswervingly is possible. With food, with thoughts, with ambitions. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." I'm continually seeing it in my life. And I'm recently seeing more of the battle too.

When we step out of the boat, it shakes up the darkness. We have to be on guard. Ephesians 6 has been helping me so much these past days as some of the emotional struggles, and lately physical, since stepping out to advocate for the fatherless have been intense. Really, it stirs my heart because it must mean God is at work. Because this four-day-long fever and sickness could be coincidence, but if I could share the awesome Spiritual Emphasis services and how God was stirring hearts to read the Word, pray and live intentionally and the terrible oppression I experienced Tuesday night, it would seem more like an attack.

Yet my heart is encouraged. Caroline's Promise has a huge interactive event coming in April that will confront people with the cry of the orphan and equip them with real ways to make a difference. And although the word isn't out much yet, the excitement is building. We saw it today at an adoption expo.

So, while warfare is not fun, it is reality. And we are not at it alone. Check out your weapons in Ephesians 6 and be clothing yourselves daily. He wants us to have life. Abundant, jubilant-in-any-circumstance kind of life.

If you'd like some encouragement and major challenge for your soul, check out the podcasts of our Spiritual Emphasis here. But consider yourself warned, you'll need your armor when you're done. :)


Martin LaBar said...

Yes, serving Christ opens us to warfare, as we don't get it otherwise. Maybe I'm not serving enough.

Amanda said...

Hmm we have some talking to do...battles are definitely going on right now!