Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Battle

I think every time someone becomes a believer we should hand them a sword and say "welcome to the battle." Not to discourage them, but somebody has to warn them.

Or maybe we could hijack their Bibles and highlight all of the verses about warfare and the instructions on being victorious.

Because, spiritual warfare is ridiculous. Goodness knows I wasn't even really aware of it until we went overseas and came back.

I was bragging on God the other day to someone. When I was talking I had this clear sense that the enemy was not happy with the truth I was sharing about freedom in Christ. I mean, freedom to serve him unswervingly is possible. With food, with thoughts, with ambitions. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." I'm continually seeing it in my life. And I'm recently seeing more of the battle too.

When we step out of the boat, it shakes up the darkness. We have to be on guard. Ephesians 6 has been helping me so much these past days as some of the emotional struggles, and lately physical, since stepping out to advocate for the fatherless have been intense. Really, it stirs my heart because it must mean God is at work. Because this four-day-long fever and sickness could be coincidence, but if I could share the awesome Spiritual Emphasis services and how God was stirring hearts to read the Word, pray and live intentionally and the terrible oppression I experienced Tuesday night, it would seem more like an attack.

Yet my heart is encouraged. Caroline's Promise has a huge interactive event coming in April that will confront people with the cry of the orphan and equip them with real ways to make a difference. And although the word isn't out much yet, the excitement is building. We saw it today at an adoption expo.

So, while warfare is not fun, it is reality. And we are not at it alone. Check out your weapons in Ephesians 6 and be clothing yourselves daily. He wants us to have life. Abundant, jubilant-in-any-circumstance kind of life.

If you'd like some encouragement and major challenge for your soul, check out the podcasts of our Spiritual Emphasis here. But consider yourself warned, you'll need your armor when you're done. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pharmatricians and More

I got a report in my inbox today of our blog visitors. You sweet friends. We've been absent so long...I've actually had a bit of writer's block and the last two posts I composed never made it to you. We'll see how this one goes.

This month we traveled to Alabama to see sick family. On December 28th Jason's great-uncle, Walter Tegen, passed away. He was an incredible artist and servant of his country in his youth. Jason preached his funeral in Alabama.

Mom and Dad went with us to Alabama where Mom's side of the family lives. She stayed behind to take care of my aunt who is in the hospital with blood clots and extremely poor health. We're learning so much about love from my mom.

Before our new semester began, a huge snowstorm hit and closed school for three days. Cousin Bekah was stranded here with us and then as she drove back to Atlanta another friend arrived from Michigan for three days (Azerbaijan originally).

Life was still full after our friends left. Our teething tot couldn't sleep much at night so Jason purchased medicine for him assuring me the "pharmatrician" recommended it. You know, the pharmacist who specializes in children's medicine. :)

And so, we find ourselves at January 26th. Jason just spend today on the slopes of Beech Mountain in North Carolina enjoying time with his brother, just back from Haiti. Really, that's not saying anything about Caroline's Promise which has an exciting event being planned for April. After tomorrow night's meeting we'll share more.

And speaking (or writing) of sharing, we're working on capturing video of what Baby Tegen is up to these days. :)

And finally, nothing on the India front except a growing love. We trust. And wait. In time!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Build a Library for Orphans and At-Risk Children

Caroline's Promise has applied for a grant to build a library for children in Guatemala where both the children and their parents (for those who have a living parent or care-taker) can learn to read and explore the world through books.

In order to receive the grant, we have to get votes. Each individual can vote up to ten times from now through February 9th.

To begin voting, you can click here and search for our project under "Lisa." Right now we are us stay there and provide for the children we sponsor in Guatemala.

Kindermusik Grant Request from Lisa Holbrook on Vimeo.

Thank you for helping reclaim hope for children!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is always a busy time. We leave again tomorrow (or today when this is actually getting published) for Alabama. We'll share more about that in a later post but before we head out we have a few pictures to share and an update if you didn't already receive it via Facebook.

Click here for our 2010 update.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and the new year finds you growing in wisdom, confidence and joy. And maybe not in pants size.

See you back here soon.

{Oh, yes. And thank you to Uncles and Aunts and Cousins Carolyn, Sheldon, Misty, Jacob, Robbie, Crystal, Brooke and Wesley. He's loving everything! Now for the batteries to run out and for quiet again. :) Thank you so much.}