Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Latest

Sometimes it seems appropriate to lump all of the recent happenings into one big update. This is one of those times.

Walking by Faith. Because we are so sure you are checking the blog every day for an update {I humor myself}, we will tell you we haven't been silent just to build suspense. We haven't heard anything. There is an opportunity for us to go to India to learn more about an organization raising up orphans for God's glory, but we still wait to get the email or phone call to give clarity if this is our open door. This trip wouldn't be to necessarily find our daughter but to see India's children and learn more about this interesting organization.

Couple's Retreat. We made it back from a few days in the mountains with five other couples and Levi. Here are a few of our favorite pics.

Ski Rewards. Wednesday we went to the mountains to make a dream come true. Every day Jason visits the websites of the ski resorts in NC. And the day before yesterday he was there to check out the conditions for himself as he skiied down many slopes including a double black diamond.

Caroline's Promise. We have just awarded a grant to assist a family in bringing a little girl home from across the ocean. It is an amazing thing to be take part in. Next week we'll share a picture of the family and their incredible story. If you'd like to stay updated on what's going on, email me {} and I'll add you to our monthly emails!

Return from Haiti. We've been slack at keeping you updated on Jason's brother Matt in Haiti and now, today, he returns for good after his year and a half long work. We'll share pictures of the welcome back party.

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