Monday, October 11, 2010


Sometimes I get so discouraged when I fail I forget that if at first I don't succeed I must try, try again.

And sometimes I think about the quote from Steve Deneff this summer: "My fear for you is not that you will fail doing something great. My fear is that you will succeed doing something too small."

Sometimes I want to take a class on just about every subject realizing I know so little about so much.

And sometimes I wish I could have known 10 years ago what I know now.

Sometimes I sneak into Levi's room to watch him sleep. I wish every needy, hungry, neglected child could lay there beside him clean, well fed and cherished.

And sometimes, by God's gracious leading, I quit dreaming and start acting.

Sometimes I take for granted the family I have.

And sometimes I hear stories of divorce and children never to be that wake me to my blessed state and break me for those without.

Sometimes I go through a whole day getting little accomplished.

And sometimes I realize spending time with family is accomplishing a lot. And that's where I've been these past few days. Accomplishing a lot. :)

{Misty, maybe you'll forgive me for posting this pic. :)}

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