Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mama Sloth and the Grumpy Cheetah

{Caution for this post-  Everything seems funnier at 2 a.m.}

If our lives were a cartoon,

this would have been last night’s show.

The camera zooms in on the ticking clock.  One thirty a.m.  You can see baby arms waving over the crib slats.  It’s time to eat…again.

Sleepy Mama Sloth cradles baby in the rocker of his dimly lit nursery.    Suddenly a black shadow emerges.  Mama Sloth’s face becomes alive with alarm and wobbly lines appear beside her brow (fear).  Cold sweat begins propelling itself from her body. 

A roach is visiting in the darkness.

    She grimaces and at lightning speed (for a sloth) does an exaggerated tiptoe to the next room to find a mammoth black shoe (or Daddy Cheetah’s favorite Chaco).  All with baby in tow.  Dropping baby into the crib, Mama begins a game of checker-like movements with the dark intruder, sweat still flying. 

Finally, the intruder scurries under the trash can lid.   Mama Sloth extends her pointer finger.  Up flies the lid.  Now hunched over, she cautiously searches.  The dark monster appears in a flash, Mama jumps and he scurries under the lip.  All too fast for Mama who’s shoe-filled hand falls limp beside her body.  She needs backup. 

Little arms flail in the background as the solemn march begins. 

Cautiously, politely, she nudges.  Daddy Cheetah’s eyes barely open to slits.  Mumbling and brow furrowing ensues. Then with a not-so-happy jerk of the covers, he’s up.   

In one swoop Daddy examines the lid, determines the dark monster to be lurking in the deep, ties up the bag and sweeps him out to the kitchen.  Mama Sloth has only managed to blink. 

Daddy Cheetah stalks down the hallway past the doorway muttering grumpy words while Mama still slumps over the can frightful the monster or his coodies got left behind.

As the camera fades Mama rocks baby while in the kitchen, under the glow of the sink light, the sneaky monster scratches and searches for a method of escape.  But Mama, though slow in speed, has impeccable hearing.

Double bagging him before slothing (you know, the walk of sloths) back to bed, Mama Sloth congratulates herself that, yes indeed, she has saved the night after all.

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The Frisk Five said...

Love it. That is too cute. I've been there actually just the other night. Water bugs beware!!!