Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Latest

As promised, the lessons from camp and the news from the 11th.

This summer I started seeking depth.  Friends have talked about amazing encounters with God.  Fresh waves of his spirit. 

I knew it.  There has to be more. 

More than wishing changes in my life.  More than reading about Acts kind of power.  More than mustering weak boldness.  So after prayer for more, I am entering the adventure of finding what I have been seeking.  An excerpt from my journal: 

This week I've found purpose and peace in a calling God placed in my DNA long ago. Following that I've been infused with a newfound boldness that is still being worked through me. Boldness to take God at His Word. Boldness to refuse to miss a day away from His Word. Boldness to speak the Truth in love.  Boldness to have confidence.

And last night the boldness turned to outrage. I felt like I saw decisions in someone else's life for what they were, compromise. God is not an auctioneer or market seller to be haggled down on the price He calls us to pay when we follow. We try to get by paying the lowest thinking we've made a deal but, really, we've forfeited the treasure.

This is what I know: 

God's Word stands firm. It's trustworthy. Useful for exhorting, correcting, teaching. We must be renewed by it daily or we start buying lies and being robbed of really living.

God's Spirit teaches the sweetest, deepest lessons. Peace can permeate every fiber of our being if we are walking fresh and humbled before God.

My body is a temple where God's spirit resides. How dare I not take care of it.

Satan's lies come with a glimmer of truth. That's why we buy into them. And Satan often fights in the opposite way of which God tries to work: "Kelley, you are worthless. You have no purpose." While God whispers, "In the fiber of your being I've given you burdens and callings. I set before you opportunities I created you to do. For this time, this place, with these gifts. And what you bring, no matter how little, is so pleasing to me. Let me use you for my namesake."

And what has been placed deep in my DNA is a heart for the underdog.  A heart that comes alive serving with compassion.  So when the opportunity was presented to work with an organization advocating for orphans, after my own God encounter, I agreed. 

Wednesday I sat across a table from a little girl named Caroline and her mom, the director of Caroline’s Promise North Carolina.  There I agreed to be a voice for children by working as director in South Carolina.  I couldn’t be more honored or excited as I’ve heard God say: “I set before you opportunities I created you to do.  For this time, this place, with these gifts.  And what you bring, no matter how little, is so pleasing to me.  Let me use you for my namesake.”



Laurin said...

So encouraged by this post Kelly. I think what you have expressed is something we all have or need to learn. Thanks for sharing the depths of your heart.

Anonymous said...

I can' t but agree.I always wanted to write in my site something like that but I guess you' r faster.