Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breaking the Silence

California, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina:  we made the most of July and got some priorities reset in the process.  Wonderful things happened.  Some we’ll share below in pictures.  Some can’t be shared until a few meetings take place and things are official which should be around August 11.  ;)

July in Pictures


Our sweet son did these things:  laughed, started grabbing and holding things, rolled over, sat up (with help), started making raspberry noises and made two long road trips like a pro.




We made a full Azeri meal to surprise our friend in Michigan: Russian salads, plov (rice dish), toyuq (chicken) and even baklava!  It took ALL day!

2010 07 July CA trip (2) 193 

Jason made it to the top of Halfdome, again.  Surprising his family, he arrived the same time they did at the San Fran. airport to spend the week hiking with his dad and brother. 



On the friend front, one amazingly talented friend left for six months in China.  She left behind her Canon Rebel camera in exchange for our less flashy, less expensive Sony.  We love that kind of trade!  Now, to work the thing… 

I, Kelley, attended my first Blessingway.  Such a thoughtful tribute ushering my soon-to-be-mama friend into motherhood.  Hoping to host many in the future.Matt&Justine

Matt Tegen and Justine Iskat visited from Haiti and Pennsylvania.






Hortense Camp in South Georgia enriched every fiber of my being. Family, friends, the Word.  Pure goodness.  And a post full of thoughts that will be up soon.


But July flew by and now it’s August.  Our Fall RA retreat starts Friday.  Resident assistants start arriving today.  Shopping carts full of food come tomorrow.  Then time away at Mrs. Coleman’s beautiful mountain house.   Welcome August!   

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