Monday, July 12, 2010

Perspective, Please…

I’m having a hard time with this month of a bloggy break.  You can tell. ;)  Maybe because early morning hours are my best think time these days and maybe because I’m a pretty open book, I thought I’d share the challenges of the morning.

Our air went out Friday with no one to fix it until Monday.  End of the world, right?!  Until we were sitting at breakfast Saturday morning complaining.  Matt, just back from Haiti, coyly remarked, “Aw, that’s just too bad.”  The irony woke us up.  He’s been in 97 degree weather in his house for months.  That not saying the temp in the sun.  And it dawned on us:  people all around the world don’t have air conditioning.

So last night when a camp arrived to find out about the no air situation, one man was more than a little miffed.  I saw my American self in him and our sense of entitlement.  I wanted to share my recent epiphany but thought he might not appreciate the perspective as sweat dripped from his nose.

And just this morning as I’m polishing my nails against my shirt over the lesson learned about my entitlement, I’m sulking over the fact my 3 month old woke me repeatedly since 4 a.m. leaving me unable to sleep while he finally drifts off.  Then I read this from an incredible blog of a mom who just brought home a beautiful boy from Ethiopia:

I once heard an adoptive mom say, “I feel sad for families who don’t get to experience this.” It’s hard. It’s trying. But, it’s the gospel. It’s what we were made for. I wasn’t made for manicures, vacations or even the luxury of a good night’s sleep. I was made to store my treasures in heaven and to shine Jesus out of my heart. After just 2 weeks of the hard stuff, I can totally see why people keep growing their families through adoption, why foster care families continue to love by giving their hearts away and why orphan care ministry staff work for little to nothing. Loving with His love and living through His power is addictive…it’s powerful. And there’s no other way I would want to live.

Ouch, in a good way.  So next time I’m complaining, you have my permission to pass me some perspective, please.  It may sting at first but, oh, how much better I am for it.  


The Frisk Five said...

It's always so amazing and humbling to me how God chooses to keep us in check. :)

Callie Nicole said...

Great quote - That was really encouraging to me, even though I don't have kids yet. I love how adoption is such a reflection of what the Lord has done for us.