Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out of Focus

There's been silence here at Tegen Central because it's become apparent that it's high time for a little bloggy break. Amazing how so much time can be consumed perusing blogs, writing and rewriting posts mentally, planning pictures and documenting things just to record here. Three posts that were composed this week never made it to print, and I realized how much time they'd consumed. Honestly, right now my energy is needed elsewhere. So for the month of July things will be pretty quiet around here. By August priorities will hopefully be reset and allow for a few posts here and there. For now we'll leave you with some realities we're being confronted and challenged by. And I'll go get packing. We leave at 6 a.m. tomorrow for Michigan and somehow it's already 10:38 p.m.! : O

RADICAL from David Platt on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


{Accountability demands follow-up.  Below you’ll see how it went yesterday.  Looks like I’ve already got today’s list…and probably tomorrow’s!}

Yesterday was one of those days.  An I-don’t-feel-good, don’t-want-my-parents-to-leave, get-nothing-done kind of days.  Those are allowed.  But today is a new day and even though I, Kelley, wrote out today’s goals, I need more accountability than that to get moving.  So for today I will….

fav picGet 64 ounces of water down

Spend time with my maker

Ease back into exercise

Clean house

Write thank you notes (got started!)

Return some calls

Return that REALLY overdue book to the library

Enjoy the now instead of wishing for things ahead

Plan ahead, finally.  Get Father’s day gifts lined up

and…Read that book I’ve been working on for two months

Hope this can be inspiration for you, too, to finally get going…today!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thoughts from the Operating Room

Wheeling a patient through double doors as their family cranes to get any last peek is bound to be emotional.  Levi waved bye, with some help, and Jason gave me our special hand signal that means “I love you with all my heart.”  I was wiping away tears while I still had use of my arms.  Soon they’d be strapped down and I’d have to ask the nurse to scratch my itchy nose, which she did, obligingly.

The angel/epidural man from nine weeks ago was my anesthesiologist which put my racing heart at greater ease.  Only twice had I ever been in an operating room.  Both still on my feet while taking a tour of hospitals in developing countries.  But yesterday from the flat of my back I had a new perspective and first impressions of the OR…some obviously under the influence. :)

or in haitiEverything looked so state-of-the-art. I confided to the staff how I wished the same technology for Haiti.  They all enthusiastically agree.  All the world was looking a little brighter by this point.

I thought how strange the background music sounded.  Blurring together it resembled trash can lids clanging.  “That means your medicine is working,” the nurse responded.

or lighting

I thought how beautiful the spotlights were.  So clean with all colors of brilliant light.  I was impressed and noted a set in my bathroom would be great for better makeup application.

I thought of meeting Jesus and breathed a prayer of thankfulness for forgiveness.  Peace came as I got excited about Heaven (should I have gone there yesterday).

I thought how much better it was to be on the ground in an operating room and not in the air on an airplane. 

As I fought to keep my eyes open, I knew sleep was overtaking me.  I covered my bases by apologizing in advance for anything that might come out of my mouth unknowingly, then looked straight into my nurse’s eyes and said, “I trust you.”  Maybe they get that a lot because she and the anesthesiologist responded simultaneously, “We’ll take good care of you.”  And for all I know, they did.

Surgery lasted about 45 minutes with the report that the gallbladder looked bad and needed to be out.  But my gallbladder, along with all talk of it, has come to an end.  And today I am recovering.  Thanks for joining me on this journey and for the prayers.  So glad to be on this side of surgery at home with family resting. 



Sunday, June 6, 2010

"It's Complicated"

Brian Regan says it best. He's talking about the phone company, but it (the video's first 20 secs.) could easily describe our dealings with bills from the hospital and insurance this past week. Thinking about this video has kept us smiling. How true it is...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eight Weeks

Saturday we shared this video with friends and family at a baby shower in Georgia. Thought some stopping by the blog might enjoy it too.