Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Webster's Words: Sludge

Pronunciation: \ˈsləj\ Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English slugge, perhaps alteration of slicche mud, slush; akin to Old High German slīh mire

Date: 15th century

2 : a muddy or slushy mass, deposit, or sediment: as a : precipitated solid matter produced by water and sewage treatment processes

That’s the verdict we got yesterday: sludge. Despite our lack of reporting in, the weeks have been full: magical concert in NC, wedding, camping trip, exercise, six week check-up, writing of summer goals, end-of-school party and doctor’s appointment. But it wasn’t the first appointment that gave the verdict we’re sharing today. The third appointment after the new patient one and blood work was an ultrasound of all things abdomen. And after a lot of uncomfortable prodding and breath-holding the verdict is… gallstones.


The technician literally said, “One of the three is blocking the duct and a lot of sludge has backed up.”


So today we wait for the phone to ring for the next steps…although we think we know where we’re headed. Ugh. We’ll keep you posted.