Friday, May 21, 2010



The phone rang yesterday with the call we’d been waiting for.  The news was no less than we’d expected.  Medicine won’t treat this.  Only surgery.  So Monday we come back from a trip to meet the surgeon for me, Kelley, and my dear ole gallbladder. 



Additionally, we looked into our boy’s eyes yesterday to see a miracle.  See anything different between his two eyes? 

We’ve been to the doctor, had tests, antibiotics and ointment for his right eye that’s been swollen and constantly green with goop.  We prayed over it, and it began to clear.  Then we got the call it was a certain bacteria that needed ointment so even though it was clearing we used the ointment.  It started getting worse.  Why, oh why, did we not trust God’s touch?  We stopped the ointment and prayed again with much repentance mixed in.  I sensed it would get worse before it got better.  It did. 

Wednesday it oozed all day and was more swollen.  “Thursday,” I asked God.  “Please touch it by Thursday or we’ll have to call the doctor again.”  Thursday morning we went through our normal routine.  It was halfway through the day when I looked down and realized his eye looked just like the other.  Goop gone, swelling down, redness gone.  Praise the Lord for His answers even when we mess up.


The Frisk Five said...

God is amazing!

Martin LaBar said...

Indeed! But God does use doctors, etc., sometimes, probably often.