Sunday, May 2, 2010

All Things G

This is Tegen Central and sort of like a spin off of NPR’s All Things Considered, this post highlights the biggest news from life last week all connected by the letter g.


Levi 1Grandparents.  After several weeks of help and time together, one set of grandparents left for home while the other set returned from a week of business in Nashville.  We have been so blessed by family who have watched our little one while we slept, changed him, rocked him through fussy spells, bought medicines, held him while we ran errands and loved on all of us.  Mom and Dad Harrell, Mom and Dad Tegen we are so thankful for you.    

Gifts.  A most precious gift was given to us Friday.  Tulips and a note sitting on our table explained the gift while the smell of Clorox wipes gave away the surprise:  three students cleaned our entire apartment while we were out to dinner.  That is a gift of epic proportion for a new mom!!  Sweet Amy, Megan and Emily, thank you a million times.

Glamour Shots.  Laurin McDowell is awesome with a CanonLevi & Mommy 2 camera.  Really though, we’re pretty sure she could even capture great shots with a disposable!  The girl has talent.  The photos she took this week speak for themselves.  Looking forward to next weeks shoot of the whole family!

G diapers.  He’s used a total of one gcloth in a gdiaper.  Pretty pitiful.  Who knew infants go through so many diapers in one day?!  Hopefully, when the changing slows down a bit, we’ll enter the cloth world.  For now we don’t have enough stock to last through a day and a half of changes so we’re enjoying the grandparent-supplied stash of disposables…maybe next month we can begin saving the planet one diaper at a time.

Grass.  Not sure how many times we’ve driven through the parkingtoro lot of Lowes and Home Depot for Jason to drool over the zero turn mowers.  Friday’s Craigslist postings intensified production in the salivary glands and yesterday a two hour drive made Jason the proud owner of a Toro mower.  His new part-time lawn business is ready to start full force.  

Graduation.  This coming week school will wind to a close and many of our friends/students will graduate.  Among those students is Jason’s mom who’ll be graduating with her master’s.  Pictures to come.


So for this week, that’s All Things G from Tegen Central.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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