Friday, March 5, 2010

Tissues, Marshmallows and Nine Months

The counter today says 25 more days. My stomach clued me in to that before I even sat at this screen. Surely it's getting close. Really, how much more can my skin take? I've had a spattering of thoughts and revelations lately. Let me be real. None of them are profound. I take comfort in research saying my brain has shrunk. So with that said, read knowing a woman with a slightly smaller brain is trying to eek out a few thoughts from the past few days. :)

-A challenge I've taken lately is to be more genuine with people and myself. Not sure how far to take that but the maintenance men who recently knocked on my door suffered because of it. I was bawling my eyes out with very little reason when someone showed up at my front door. After the second round of knocking, I opened, tears and all. Those poor men. The way they scrambled to get in and out. Only now can I laugh at it and shake my head feeling sorry for putting them through it.

-I'm now positive it's no illusion: my legs have quite possibly doubled in size. Welcome to marshmallow world. And I thought I could bypass that one. Bah ha ha. An evil laugh echoes in my head as if I've finally been found and zapped with the puffer wand. And worse yet, it's spreading to my face!

-Toilet paper companies make their profit from pregnant women. Joining Sam's club or Costco might not have been a bad idea. Or better yet, stock in Charmin.

-If laces can't be tied in the middle of a shoe, the shoe shouldn't be worn. Nothing says "I'm too big to reach my feet" like a side tie. So I'm quite proud to have discovered a way to morph my lace-up shoes into slip-ons.

-Calories count when pregnant but eating the same amount as a small army is still permissible. My logic has been stomach knows best. When it growls (or is even thinking of growling), feed it. I have recently discovered, however, that the scale at the doctor's office is archenemies with my stomach.

-It's okay to be no fun at month nine. I took a challenge to scale a small wall with my husband in order to save backtracking while in Gatlinburg. So-and-so could have done this at nine months I thought. So I did it, with lots of help, but quickly realized (even with my shrunken pea brain) that dirt and walls and crawling should be off limits to 9-monthers. Though it did produce lots of laughs which compensates for some of the crying. ;)

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Jeannie Pittman said...

Hey, Kelley.. the crying has just begun. My only advice as you embark on motherhood.. if you cry for the first month (or two or three) after the baby is born, it is TOTALLY normal. It will definitely pass. PPD hit me when Julianna was 4 days old and lasted several weeks. There was absolutely no reason for it.. just hormones. I think it was worse since I was trying to breastfeed and it wasn't working out all that great. I was expecting it with Ramsey but I didn't get it at all the 2nd time around. I was also induced the first time and not the second, and I think this may have contributed too. Anyway, that's it.. love reading your blog. :)