Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Minivan Man

*Although the counter says one day until baby's arrival, we are still waiting without any certainty but hopeful it will be this week. Things are pointing that way. Keep watching our Twitter on the sidebar for updates!*

You can deny it. (I did.) You can say you’ll never, ever own one. (I did.) You can make fun of people who do. (I did.) You can say, “It’s the wife’s.” (I’ve already tried.) But for most of us there really is no getting around being tamed by a minivan.

I officially am.

Today I hand in my man card. I, no, we are the proud new owners of a 2003 Mazda MPV minivan. (For what it’s worth, MPV is an acronym for multi-purpose vehicle.)

I genuinely love the space and seating capacity. I genuinely dislike (hate is too strong) the persona that comes with the space-shuttle looking ride.

I feel I owe a few points of explanation that led us to this decision:
1. We need something with 4 doors because we have a car seat to think about.

2. We refuse to adjust our budget to pay for a gas guzzler. Our definition of ‘guzzler’ would be anything under 20 mpg. Exit essentially all SUV’s and 4x4’s with this stipulation.

3. We had a very specific budget in mind of what we wanted to spend.

This van meets all of our current needs perfectly. So the all-wheel-drive, turbo charged, 5-speed Subaru Outback, which we just sold mainly because we didn’t want as much money in a vehicle as we had in that one, gave way to this.

Thanks to Mom and Dad Tegen who sold us the minivan we are now equipped for our growing family.

Buh. I still can’t believe it…

My name is Jason Tegen, and I own a minivan.


The Frisk Five said...

Hey guys, I felt your pain. I, for years, said the same thing about minivans. With the arrival of baby #3 on the way it was inevitable we had to upgrade. February 2009 we became the owners of a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country. We caved, but now we love it and if we upgrade again, it will be to a newer van.

The Anderson Family said...

I love this post! I have told my husband several times that we should buy a minivan. He on the other hand, is not able to see past the stigma that goes along with the minivan.

Tyrome said...

Let's just call it a Man Van! And keep your man card! Hopefully your little one will be on his way this week! Miss you guys!!

Martin LaBar said...

Well, there should be better choices, but this one seems to work.

Nanny said...

Some times you got to 'give it up'...