Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Brag Book of Sorts

It's official. It's sappy. It's undeserved.

My husband has outdone himself this week.

Sleeping is getting harder. We're close to the end of the wait for the baby with only about nine days to go if the due date holds {unlikely}. (Side note: No, we still have no official name. No, we are not panicking. Yes, we will make something official before we leave the hospital. Yes, it will be good. ;)

The couch has become the more comfortable sleeping place of choice but the more lonely of the two. Until a night ago. After an emotional eruption I came for a second night on the big, comfy couch. Five minutes later there were blankets on the floor and my husband beside me. It's continued that way every night.

We were excited to learn dilation has already started as well as effacement. So my mom came up this week soon to be followed by Dad next. With her here we've cleaned and shopped and cooked. She came over last night followed by Jason's mom then eleven other girls. Jason had planned an early birthday surprise. As he waved goodbye the band of girls took me away complete with blindfold. On the other end of the drive, melted chocolate for dipping every decadent dessert.

And if that wasn't enough, Saturday I returned from a pancake breakfast to find the house spotless. Nothing new on his resume but definitely always appreciated.

I don't know where this man came from, but I'm so honored this baby boy carries his DNA.*

*Pictures of your baby girls can be sent to as we will begin the prayer process for a wife soon. ;)


Brittney Galloway said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog but have loved reading it!

The Frisk Five said...

Well, if you're looking for an older woman for him, I've got one right here LOL! We've already been praying for future spouses.

Heidi said...

Lesley Ann says to let him know she'll be available in say...50 years or whenever her daddy lets her out of the house (whatever comes first)! :)

The Anderson Family said...

Kelley, I love your blog! I am so excited that God is so richly blessing your family. Take care, Elizabeth

Kimberly said...

Maybe I'll have a younger bride as an option a little later on... we've not added to our family yet! :P