Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Minivan Man

*Although the counter says one day until baby's arrival, we are still waiting without any certainty but hopeful it will be this week. Things are pointing that way. Keep watching our Twitter on the sidebar for updates!*

You can deny it. (I did.) You can say you’ll never, ever own one. (I did.) You can make fun of people who do. (I did.) You can say, “It’s the wife’s.” (I’ve already tried.) But for most of us there really is no getting around being tamed by a minivan.

I officially am.

Today I hand in my man card. I, no, we are the proud new owners of a 2003 Mazda MPV minivan. (For what it’s worth, MPV is an acronym for multi-purpose vehicle.)

I genuinely love the space and seating capacity. I genuinely dislike (hate is too strong) the persona that comes with the space-shuttle looking ride.

I feel I owe a few points of explanation that led us to this decision:
1. We need something with 4 doors because we have a car seat to think about.

2. We refuse to adjust our budget to pay for a gas guzzler. Our definition of ‘guzzler’ would be anything under 20 mpg. Exit essentially all SUV’s and 4x4’s with this stipulation.

3. We had a very specific budget in mind of what we wanted to spend.

This van meets all of our current needs perfectly. So the all-wheel-drive, turbo charged, 5-speed Subaru Outback, which we just sold mainly because we didn’t want as much money in a vehicle as we had in that one, gave way to this.

Thanks to Mom and Dad Tegen who sold us the minivan we are now equipped for our growing family.

Buh. I still can’t believe it…

My name is Jason Tegen, and I own a minivan.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy, Hot Tears

I'm in tears. I think I would be even if not 39 weeks, 1 day pregnant and 3 cm dilated. :)

Sometimes things are too good to keep to yourself. Tonight, prolonging bedtime and my long To Do list, I read an update from a blog I follow. I love miracle stories. This new mom shares the story behind the baby, and it's phenomenal. So if you're interested in the read, grab the tissues. Just a hunch some "dust might get in your eye" whether you're male, female, prego or not.

Dear Wynn {The Birdhouse}

P.S. You might want to check out her previous post too. I mean, it's nothing out of the ordinary to have your bedroom photographed for HGTV, right?!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Brag Book of Sorts

It's official. It's sappy. It's undeserved.

My husband has outdone himself this week.

Sleeping is getting harder. We're close to the end of the wait for the baby with only about nine days to go if the due date holds {unlikely}. (Side note: No, we still have no official name. No, we are not panicking. Yes, we will make something official before we leave the hospital. Yes, it will be good. ;)

The couch has become the more comfortable sleeping place of choice but the more lonely of the two. Until a night ago. After an emotional eruption I came for a second night on the big, comfy couch. Five minutes later there were blankets on the floor and my husband beside me. It's continued that way every night.

We were excited to learn dilation has already started as well as effacement. So my mom came up this week soon to be followed by Dad next. With her here we've cleaned and shopped and cooked. She came over last night followed by Jason's mom then eleven other girls. Jason had planned an early birthday surprise. As he waved goodbye the band of girls took me away complete with blindfold. On the other end of the drive, melted chocolate for dipping every decadent dessert.

And if that wasn't enough, Saturday I returned from a pancake breakfast to find the house spotless. Nothing new on his resume but definitely always appreciated.

I don't know where this man came from, but I'm so honored this baby boy carries his DNA.*

*Pictures of your baby girls can be sent to www.tegencentral.blogspot.com as we will begin the prayer process for a wife soon. ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If We Ran the Zoo

Our last day came, and we enjoyed every moment.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Nanny Chronicles: Chapter's End

Wednesday marked the end of my days doing preschool pick-up in my two-door, lacing up shoes for Tuesday library day, and packing a picnic lunch for the park. For over a year and a half I've watched these two boys change and that makes this week hard because now they have a new nanny. And I'm not her.

I've learned a lot from a two and four-year-old:

1. "Why?" questions make you realize how little you know.
2. Silence is golden.
3. Potty training is not for the faint of heart.
4. Adults take life too seriously.
5. Child prodigies require a lot of attention.
6. Cookies and cake are great motivators. ;)
7. Monsters really could be in the closet or ceiling fan so don't ever bring them up. They take a long time to forget.
8. Entertainment doesn't have to be expensive. i.e. hide-and-seek, string, paper
9. Southern accents are easily picked up. I hear myself when Everett (the younger) says words like why (wh-ie) and four (faw-er).
10. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys easily attach themselves to heartstrings.

My sweet boys,

I'm looking forward to Tuesday when Jason and I get to take you on one last trip to the zoo. I've missed you already. This new baby in my belly that you ask about is so lucky because of you. You've taught me so much about diapers and discipline and daily scheduling...and in the process made me love hide-and-seek, reading books, digging for dinosaurs and hearing random facts about planes and trains. {Well, maybe not loving plane and train facts. But I pretended, right?} You've made me enjoy laughing more and being silly. You've made me love kids more than I ever thought I could. Thank you for letting me learn with you and for still trusting me even when I didn't get it right.

I love you!

"Miss" Kelley

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tissues, Marshmallows and Nine Months

The counter today says 25 more days. My stomach clued me in to that before I even sat at this screen. Surely it's getting close. Really, how much more can my skin take? I've had a spattering of thoughts and revelations lately. Let me be real. None of them are profound. I take comfort in research saying my brain has shrunk. So with that said, read knowing a woman with a slightly smaller brain is trying to eek out a few thoughts from the past few days. :)

-A challenge I've taken lately is to be more genuine with people and myself. Not sure how far to take that but the maintenance men who recently knocked on my door suffered because of it. I was bawling my eyes out with very little reason when someone showed up at my front door. After the second round of knocking, I opened, tears and all. Those poor men. The way they scrambled to get in and out. Only now can I laugh at it and shake my head feeling sorry for putting them through it.

-I'm now positive it's no illusion: my legs have quite possibly doubled in size. Welcome to marshmallow world. And I thought I could bypass that one. Bah ha ha. An evil laugh echoes in my head as if I've finally been found and zapped with the puffer wand. And worse yet, it's spreading to my face!

-Toilet paper companies make their profit from pregnant women. Joining Sam's club or Costco might not have been a bad idea. Or better yet, stock in Charmin.

-If laces can't be tied in the middle of a shoe, the shoe shouldn't be worn. Nothing says "I'm too big to reach my feet" like a side tie. So I'm quite proud to have discovered a way to morph my lace-up shoes into slip-ons.

-Calories count when pregnant but eating the same amount as a small army is still permissible. My logic has been stomach knows best. When it growls (or is even thinking of growling), feed it. I have recently discovered, however, that the scale at the doctor's office is archenemies with my stomach.

-It's okay to be no fun at month nine. I took a challenge to scale a small wall with my husband in order to save backtracking while in Gatlinburg. So-and-so could have done this at nine months I thought. So I did it, with lots of help, but quickly realized (even with my shrunken pea brain) that dirt and walls and crawling should be off limits to 9-monthers. Though it did produce lots of laughs which compensates for some of the crying. ;)