Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Single Digits and 32 Weeks

Seems like the up-until-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning sessions are becoming more frequent. Tonight, thankfully, it's not because of any bug but a combo of things namely coffee that must have been caffeinated. Promise I asked for decaf. Or maybe it's the funny movement the baby keeps making. The doctor said she has never heard of anything like it and tonight that answer isn't sitting well.

So here at 32 weeks only 8 weeks remain. We're in single digits! Classes have finished and armed with all the information we're gonna get, it's surreal. We've both been in ultra-nesting mode, but maybe Jason wouldn't wanted to be labeled a nester. Still, the progress would never have been remotely possible without his skills and organization. The room only lacks a quick clean-up, a mural and a diaper pail. Everything else is finished!

But the progress is also due to infinite blessings. Even tonight I brought home a box of donated baby items; washed some new, loaned last-stages-of-maternity pants; admired our free crib and got an email about someone wanting to give us baby clothes and a very expensive baby item that even surpasses the stroller. The generosity challenges me. So next week we'll post pictures of the amazing blessings that make up the nursery.

Until then, see the little basketball that's growing by the day. {The same one who's awake from the caffeine too.} Feels good having company at 2 a.m. If only I didn't feel so strange talking to my stomach.


The Frisk Five said...

I definitely remember the days or nights I should say of staying awake at all hours. Ava was definitely a mover and kept me awake. I remember thinking though, 'I can't wait til I can be up at 2 am with a baby in my arms'. Time flies so quickly. Bryson is 5, Gavin is 3 and Ava is almost 8 mos now. Enjoy even the uncomfortable times. Love you. :)

Kindoann said...

You are so beautiful! Your baby is so blessed to have a great Mommy and Daddy like you and Jason! I'm so happy for you guys! :)

Heidi said...

Kelley, I read your posts and I just giggle!!! You look beautiful! Why can't I be that skinny right now!! :)

Martin LaBar said...

Nice silhouette!