Friday, February 26, 2010


Today we celebrate five years of marriage! Just as it was planned around Spring break five years ago, the same break is here again. Part of us says, "Where did the time go?!" while the other part is very aware of how rich and wonderful and challenging and full the last five years have been. God has been so good! He's kept us by his grace and given wonderful purpose to our lives. We feel very much the way David must have felt when he wrote Psalm 8, "What is man, oh God, that you are mindful of him?"

He has kept us and been so close through all the seasons of life so far: our first year and a half of Jason finishing school and living in the Bowyer's one room cabin ...our year living overseas and the confusion and challenge that our almost two and a half years at Southern Wesleyan as part of the incredible Resident Life team. One thing has been clear: God's grace is truly made perfect in our weaknesses.

Now, five years after we committed our lives to each other, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our son (within the next 5 weeks)! We're also going back to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee next week to celebrate each other and what God has done, just as we did five years ago after our wedding. All the while knowing we could never have deserved this. We are just beyond grateful for it and aware of the treasure that we guard. Thank you Jesus for five sweet years.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Monday night we went to sleep with Amanda Almond busy at work finishing the nursery mural. Like Christmas morning we woke to a finished tree. Everything was cleaned up and a monkey affectionately named Monchhichi was hanging above our crib. Completing it for Aesthetics class, she left a masterpiece. 4.0? We think so!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Letting It Out

Can't keep this in. This book is now in my possession and I can't remember the last time a book made me so excited or seemed so timely. You can watch the video here.

No, this is not a women only blog though you do get stuck hearing me way more than Jason, but this book is definitely targeted to those with XX chromosomes. So if it strikes a cord in your heart, pick it up...and maybe even join the 6,000+ women who are doing the reading WITH Beth online.

Hurry though.

You already have an assignment, and I've personally never been so excited about homework!

Nursery Blessings

As promised, here are pictures from our almost completed baby room. While the pictures are labeled they don't show the closet filled with maternity clothes from six different women or the emails and conversations of many GENEROUS coming gifts of clothes, Bumbo, Boppy, Medela pump(!), books, three baby showers...the list goes on. They just represent a room that reminds us of blessings every time we step in it and obviously make us daydream about the biggest blessing: our coming boy.

So in total Nester Price My Space style, here are the facts and figures from our recent endeavor.

Total project: $390 + infinite blessings

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RA Weekend Away

Georgia. Cabin. Lake. Some of our favorite moments!

Thank you Grimes!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Single Digits and 32 Weeks

Seems like the up-until-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning sessions are becoming more frequent. Tonight, thankfully, it's not because of any bug but a combo of things namely coffee that must have been caffeinated. Promise I asked for decaf. Or maybe it's the funny movement the baby keeps making. The doctor said she has never heard of anything like it and tonight that answer isn't sitting well.

So here at 32 weeks only 8 weeks remain. We're in single digits! Classes have finished and armed with all the information we're gonna get, it's surreal. We've both been in ultra-nesting mode, but maybe Jason wouldn't wanted to be labeled a nester. Still, the progress would never have been remotely possible without his skills and organization. The room only lacks a quick clean-up, a mural and a diaper pail. Everything else is finished!

But the progress is also due to infinite blessings. Even tonight I brought home a box of donated baby items; washed some new, loaned last-stages-of-maternity pants; admired our free crib and got an email about someone wanting to give us baby clothes and a very expensive baby item that even surpasses the stroller. The generosity challenges me. So next week we'll post pictures of the amazing blessings that make up the nursery.

Until then, see the little basketball that's growing by the day. {The same one who's awake from the caffeine too.} Feels good having company at 2 a.m. If only I didn't feel so strange talking to my stomach.