Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tonight in Haiti

It's just past 5 p.m. and still warm enough to make my hands sweat while I type. Behind me, on the back porch, are voices praying in Creole and singing familiar tunes with different words. Jason is out with his brother exploring the town's water supply. Life is still happening all around as motorbikes buzz by, people are talking in the distance and work is being done at the hospital to help a doctor who was hit by a motorbike. I am just sitting taking it all in refusing to fear the mosquitoes flying by (malaria has been bad this year).

We can't give commentary much about the trip because we honestly don't know how to piece the thoughts together to make sense. It's all a bit overwhelming. Seeing 50+ kids today at the orphanage enjoy fruit snacks, candy canes and soccer balls brought us joy. Seeing a poorly equipped hospital and many sick people sobered us. There are what seems like a thousand thoughts firing off in our minds and hearts. So I guess this update is just to let you know we are very much alive down here in Haiti. We have so many pictures and details to share later this weekend.

For now I'd encourage you to check out Katie's latest post.

Until the end of the week!

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