Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Latest, Latest Post

We were driving to see The Blind Side with a friend late last night when one of us made the confession. No Friday update. So...many days belated, here it is.

Marathon. Probably doesn't need to be stated but running a full distance marathon is no joke! Four months of intensive, time consuming training (with this specific race in mind) and years of more recreational jogging (no specific race in mind) all culminated with me standing at a start line in 39 degree weather underneath the Olympic circles in downtown Atlanta.

As the 1000 runners gathered, I felt encouraged. For months I'd been training and hadn't found more than a handful of people who had run or were training for a marathon. More often than not, people's reaction were something to the effect of, "You're running how far?! Why???" But then, on Thanksgiving morning 2009, I was surrounded by a huge crowd that understood the hard work I'd put in and what drives a man or woman to run a race that legen says the original runner DIED doing!

So at 7:30am the gun sounded and we were off. My friend Steven and I wanted to take the first few miles fairly slow. But when I crossed the 1st mile marker and looked at my watch, it said 9:17. I thought, "Oh no sir! You trained way too hard to run this pace." So I took off...and ran the next 20 miles at around a 7:20/mile pace! Tactically, I ran a great race passing hundreds of runners over the course of the race. At mile 21, my 7:20/mile pace quickly faded to more of a 9:30-9:45/mile pace:(

Physically I've never been in the place where my legs were depleted. With four years of college cross country under the belt and four more of recreational running since then, I'm well aware that running is far more mental than physical. So it's always been about the mental toughness and battle. And miles 21-26 were definitely mental. But physically, I've never felt what I felt during those miles.

Short of two "Johnny-on-the-spot" stops and four 8-10 second walks through the water stations (practically, how do you drink a cup of water while running???), I completed the entire marathon without stopping or walking! The final result was more than I'd hoped:

- 100th overall out of over 1,000 who started the race
- 19th overall out of over 100 in my age division
- Beat by only 11 women :)
- Official net time was 3:28:30, which breaks down to a 7:58/mile pace

Plans for a half marathon in Clemson, SC are already set for early 2010. And yes, I'll definitely do the full marathon again. Probably sooner rather than later!

23 Weeks. Things seem to be accelerating this week: Jason saw him kicking and just this morning Baby Tegen had the hiccups; we registered; I'm looking more rounded; we are scheduled for childbirth classes. All in about a week! We got good reports at the doctor and clearance to fly {gulp}. And next Wednesday will be viability day. He could survive with intensive medical care!

*This picture was taken at week 22 on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanks Alicia! I'm poking more than this for any of you comparing prego bellies out there. But what have we learned about that?!!

All is well. Curtains are picked out with some other nursery decor planning underway. More on that around Christmas.

Haiti. We've not given any updates on Jason's brother in Haiti. The word on the street is that he's doing well. We say that because between sparse emails we hear through others of his adventures. The latest has been intense language in the capitol. Not the most enjoyable, we understand. But next week we'll hear in person because next Saturday at the crack-of-dawn we'll be on a plane down. So excited to be going. To see Matt and what he's doing. To see kids at the local orphanage! Not so excited about the plane ride. So if you are awakened from sleep next Saturday morning around dawn or after, pretty sure God is wanting you to pray for us on that plane. One will be a six seater. Nail biting will ensue. We thank you in advance for prayer and look forward to sharing lots of pictures when we get back the following week!


Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for the update!

No doubt I'm also speaking for people who never comment.

The Frisk Five said...

I'm been waiting for the update. Things sound awesome. We'll be praying about the plane ride. Check out my blog anytime.
Love you guys.


Melissa said...

many prayers will be sent your way. it warms my heart to see what God is doing in your lives, and the obedience that you have taken! going to Haiti would be an adventure in itself, but never mind being pregnant too. He is Awesome. i look forward to hearing what you have to share about your time in Haiti!