Wednesday, December 30, 2009

27 Week Update

After finishing the semester, time with visiting friends, a whirlwind trip to Haiti, Christmas with both families and a New Year's eve party, we were thankful this past week was quiet. In all the festivities we still managed a few new milestones on the baby front. If you're the ultra-conservative, prego-moms-must-be-uber-careful type, skip over a few of these.

Blessed Ankles. Whether the heat or diet or travel, I experienced leg and ankle swelling for the first time ever from the trip to Haiti. Every day since I've looked down to see my lovely ankles back in view and am thankful. How I take things for granted until they're gone!

Diaper Dimes. Dad Harrell's coin collecting has turned into a beautiful thing especially since all the silver ones are now going in a jar for Baby Tegen's cloth diapers. When we last counted and rolled there were almost enough to pay for ALL the diapers we'll need!

Luv from Tubs.
Christmas day a dear, organized cousin brought four full storage tubs of baby clothes! They had everything: burp clothes, clothes, shoes, socks, hats. Thank you Misty, Sheldon and Jacob! You'll be proud we even brought back a few Georgia Bulldog things!

Mountain Hike.
Maybe a 1 1/2 mile hike in the mountains isn't impressive for a six month pregnant woman, but scaling down the other side through ice, snow and tree branches surely must be. When the way down was a complete ice block, we opted (at Husband's suggestion) to hike/slide/bushwhack down the side to a passable trail. Adrenaline and memories!

Clean slate. The baby room is finally clean and ready to be transformed. Already it contains a borrowed swing, stack of 0-3 mo. clothes, like-new stroller, carseat and diaper bag. Curtains and a dresser are on the way.

Our Bob.
Jason set his sights on THE ULTIMATE jogging stroller. At almost $400 it was hard to consider we'd have one even though we planned to make it our only stroller for everything. Yesterday, while perusing Craigslist, we saw one for almost half the price. So for a practically brand new stroller, we couldn't pass it up. We've both stopped by the baby room often just to peak at it and push it around in a few circles.

Sugar and Sessions.
With the blood sugar test and bloodwork out of the way, we're heading Tuesday for childbirth classes. No more bliss from ignorance. We're about to find out what we're in for. I'm sure we'll have pictures or tweets. For some reason I'm expecting it to be either really comical or really sobering. We shall see Tuesday night.

So for the end of the second trimester everything seems right on target. Including the bubble. ;) See you Tuesday!

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Martin LaBar said...

You might as well expose the baby to some adventure . . .