Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughts at the Half

1.  Pregnancy brings out the good neighbor in women.  So much sharing of clothes, accessories and advice is heartwarming and a definite blessing on the wallet!

2.  Under no circumstances should pregnancy bellies ever be compared.  It leads to moments of tears for being too big and worry for being too small.  Just be and let baby do the same.

3.  Boy names are harder to decide on than girls.  That’s probably just a matter of opinion, but tomorrow we’ll begin our third book of baby names nevertheless!

4.  Even if a food craving or cranky spell isn’t related to pregnancy, it’s fun to have that to fall back on.  

5.  Despite neigh-sayers, we’ll attempt cloth diapering.  That means grandparents will attempt cloth diapering once again too! ;)  Right now gDiapers with cloth inserts are the front runners.

6.  If you’re feeling kicks because the baby is squished into your jeans, throw out the rubber bands and embrace the beauty of big-as-a-barn maternity banded pants.  I may wear these the rest of my life!

7.  Just what is the purpose of shoes for newborns?

8.  Round ligament pain mentioned once in my maternity book deserves a much bigger spot.  “Discomfort in the abdomen” doesn’t adequately describe it.

9.    Dear fruit,   To tell you plainly, I’m in love with you.  If somehow all of the pineapples, strawberries and oranges and cranberries of this world could meet at my door every morning the world would be a happier place for Jason and all freshmen residents in this building. 

10.  The baby bump has a mind of it’s own.  One day it’s noticeable, the next it’s vanished.  These were taken four days apart at 19 1/2 then 20 weeks.

 DSC00385 DSC00395


Martin LaBar said...

All the best on naming and waste disposal.

Melissa said...

just came across your blog and i love it! i'm 18 weeks ~ and my husband and i have been through countless baby name books. i 100% agree that boys names ARE the hardest! we will find out on the 17th of December if it's a boy or girl, hopefully that will help!