Monday, November 2, 2009

This Means War

There’s a new enemy in our house.  The conflict started weeks ago but escalated to full-scale war tonight. 

Unlike the battle between two beta fish that happened last night in our student lobby while an entertained crowd of freshies looked on*, this is a battle with total lack of compassion for the animals involved.  And that’s hard to come by especially for Kelley. 

Our nemesis?   Sierra Exif JPEG

If you recognize this picture, we’re sorry.  You’ve probably had to deal with them and their grotesque, white, crawling family. 

After losing countless bags of rice and finding them in our recently cooked batch…


If the spray didn’t kill them, throwing every opened thing away and washing down everything closed (including the entire cabinet) should do it.

And if they come back we’ve decided the whole cabinet is going.  So if you see this cabinet on Craigslist consider yourself warned and the cabinet cursed.  But one thing is certain, we will not tolerate this kind of infiltration, especially not in rice that we’ve half eaten when we discover the sickening reality. 

It’s war.  And we’re winning!!         

*Don’t call the animal cops.  We can’t give names, but we’re just as disgusted as you.  Buying two fish just to see if they’d really fight to the death?  Really!?  Spare yourself the eternal wondering.  They do.  We flushed one this morning.

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