Monday, October 26, 2009


DSC00366 Twenty-six years ago I was 3 and 1/2.  The only prayers I could muster were, “God is good, God is great…”  Certainly nothing remotely in the sphere of “Jesus, I’ll need a husband some day, and you know I like the blonde-haired type with broad shoulders and a great jaw line.”  Yet lo and behold a little boy was born in South Carolina with exactly that in his DNA and so much more.  Here’s a limited twenty to give an idea…1.  A love for sports  2.  Tolerance for a woman who doesn’t “get” things athletic  3.  Genes for organization  4.  Ability to confront issues in a non-DSC00370confrontational way  5.  Incredible wit  6.  Sensitive spirit 7.  Great money sense  8. House helper!!  9.  Great cook  10.  Good with words  11.  Life of the party  12.  Leader  13.  Musically talented  14.  Decisive  15.   Creatively thoughtful  16.  Super fit  17.  Funny noise maker 18.  Nature lover  19.  Takes nothing too seriously  20.  Love for life       

Happy birthday, Jason Tegen!  So glad we found some things you’d been wanting for a long while!  Thanks for waiting!   



Anonymous said...

your relationship is a picture of something I'm waiting for. It gives me hope. Thank you.

love you both.

-alicia tegen

Martin LaBar said...

Ah. God's planning. Wonderful.