Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nanny-Locks and Keys

Monday I heard these words:  “I wocked bof doors.”  And with an innocent, wide-eyed nod of pride he added, “I did.”  We were on the back porch having a picnic.  My keys, phone and bobby pins were inside.  Every crevice of the house- sealed tight.  Thankfully the pasta and applesauce on the boys’ plates bought me time.  While they munched, I paced.  Surely the next door neighbor would be home soon for her boys’ naps.  One thing was certain though:  Maggie, her dog, wasn’t keen on me trying their door to slip in and use the phone.  The growling and motionless tail gave it away.  Bless Maggie’s poor, scary soul.  With that option scratched I hoped the boys’ dad would come by for his occasional lunch at home or maybe the neighbor two doors down would happen to be home from work.  All options after that included dragging two blonde boys from house to house in search of a kind, compassionate stranger to let us make a long distance call.  I was dreading those options even though I knew their cuteness could win almost anyone over.  

To my complete relief ten minutes later as we were heading to check out “two-doors-down neighbor,” the most amazing sight pulled into view.  It was a lunch at home day!  As dad got out of the car I told him our situation without telling on the culprit.  But beaming with pride the prankster declared, “I did it!  I did!” 

Nothing like the honesty of a two-year-old!

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