Sunday, September 13, 2009

Small Huge Things

1.  West of the Salt Flat.  Every time we see Matt Tegen’s blue Ford truck sitting empty we’re reminded of the new reality:  DSC03012He’s officially started his year of work in Haiti!  Emails tell us he’s arrived safely to the island with all of his equipment and already becoming acclimated to cold water showers, rickety boat rides and no- electricity-nights.  Now for preparing meals, teaching computers, learning Creole, blazing heat, etc.  You can read more about Matt (Jason’s oldest brother) and his work in Haiti at his website.  We’ll have updates coming periodically to Tegen Central.

2.  Answers from Heaven.  She called me weeks ago and her story made me fall to my knees.  She’s my cousin who’s living in ATL, and she’s always been the most loyal friend even when I haven’t!  My heart broke when she told me of her desperate need for a new place DSC00071to live, a new job, a renter for another house in AL and clear direction to stay in ATL or go back to AL. She’s been through so much and come so far.  My words and prayers with her were: “God, You have promised You do not fail.  You have to answer!!  Your child needs Your provision.”  Her call two nights ago is still making my heart rejoice.  A new assistant manager job is almost hers.  A sweet couple has an affordable apartment to rent.  A family member wants to rent the house in AL.  Each one is a complete miracle!  And we know enough of God to think He’s not finished.  This is our God.  How good He is!!

3. Baby Central.  Two ladies this week generously gave clothes for the coming months of pregnancy.  Tops and blue-banded pants having maternity clothesus scratching our head at the transformation that will be taking place over six more months.  Already we’re seeing my waist expand but are relieved I haven’t started the marshmallow stage yet.  Marshmallow stage= the time in pregnancy when your hips, arms and face get involved in the fun.  That Arby’s run last night probably won’t do much to ward it off, but, hey, Doctor said to eat what my body says it needs.  Enter roast beef and curly fries!   The weigh-in at the appointment this week will tell the facts.  

In addition to the thoughtful gifts of clothing, we’ll have a chance to work/shop at a huge kid’s consignment sale this week.  Hopefully we’ll find some needed items!  So proud, we even have a detailed list of what we’ll be scanning the isles for!

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