Monday, September 7, 2009

Life Between the Highlights

Thursday morning at 7 am we were driving home to GA. It’s sad I never realize how much family life I’m missing until I’m home.

DSC00310 I grew up with three girl cousins two of which were my inseparable playmates/friends growing up.  The older two have married and settled into family life.  We were all present to celebrate the events in each others weddings.  I even got to be at the hospital when Misty’s baby was born.  But this weekend my sweet little cousin Brooke, the youngest of the three, got married.  She was always my comic relief.  Always animated and full of fun, Brooke would memorize long movie quotes with me and act them out for anyone in earshot.  She’d make ridiculously embarrassing homemade films with me, endure torture from me and her older sister and drool right along with me over Marlin Brando in his younger years.


This weekend watching her walk down the isle, seeing the commemoration of her father who died tragically when we were young, and seeing her become Mrs. Deverger made me realize I am tired of missing the life between the highlights in my family’s lives.  Sure we’re there for the weddings and babies and big events, but I miss the little events that knit us together when we were younger. 

So needless to say I soaked up every moment with family this weekend and made a commitment in my heart to be more involved, more intentional in loving and living life with those I love most! DSC00315

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