Thursday, September 24, 2009

13 Weeks

It’s almost finished!  The first trimester with all of it’s night sickness, indigestion and weird food cravings.  Two unknown trimesters remain. Minus the sickness, it’s only just begun or so I hear.  So borrowing from a few fun blogs here are some questions that might make the 13 week recap a little more entertaining and direct.

How far along? 13 weeks and one day
Total weight gain/loss: 4 pounds up
Maternity clothes? Not really…just looking chunkier in my old ones
Sleep: The fatigue is diminishing, but I still enjoy an afternoon nap when I can swing it.  At night, ask my bladder.
Best moment this week:  Drooling through Babies ‘R Us with Jason.  Movement: No, yes?!  Not sure what it feels like but thought I felt something funny one night this week. 
Food cravings: Dr. Pepper (terrible, right?!), no chocolate (a true miracle since I used to be a chocoholic), and Japanese.  Really still no rhyme or reason to cravings.  They are new every morning.     Gender: Guesses- Kelley (Boy!!!)  Jason (Boy!?)
Labor Signs: Not talking about that away from the context of the word epidural
Belly Button in or out? In and defying it to change from that position.
What I miss: Sleeping without two/three bathroom trips per night
What I am looking forward to: November 5th when we’ll finally know boy or girl
Weekly Wisdom: Don’t buy the first infant car seat you see!  There will always be better down the road.
Milestones: A few people saying:  “You look pregnant today.”  Should I smile or cry in response to that?!                                            Pictures:  Finally, a glimpse of our little one.  This is an 11 to 12 week old, so our babe should be a wee bit bigger.  Still makes us shake our heads in amazement.