Thursday, August 13, 2009


It’s probably obvious things are back in full swing since we’ve been absent for almost two weeks from our blog.  From RA retreat to move-in today it’s been one big, exciting shuffle.  Even now I’m half typing, half listening for people right outside our door who may have questions.  And between keys that don’t work, the need for hammers, bed pegs, and 100+ students moving in, it’s been busy.  So here are a few quick updates from the last two weeks.

subi1.  New Ride.  We got Jason’s dream- a 2003 Subaru Forrester that’s a five speed.  Lessons for Kelley are going well.  We figure only one night’s practice with whip-lash wasn’t too bad.

DSC001052.     New look. Some redecorating is giving us a fresh start on the home front. It’s a much needed change.  Amazing how something as simple as de-cluttering each room and rearranging has made a world of relaxation difference!

3.  New lessons.  When planning for a session the other day Kelley decided to multi-task.  She started running dish water and went out to the office for a few minutes to type up notes.  Forty-five minutes later a man from maintenance came by.  Financial Aid down below our apartment was complaining of water running through their ceiling down their walls.  It was everywhere!  She’s forgiven herself, finally, and learning a multi-tasking list should never include running water.

4.  New crew.  We couldn’t be more excited about the team in our building.  Feels good to start a new year with these great people!  All in this picture will be working in our building directly with us and our students!  DSC00250

So there are a few of the many things going on in the last two weeks.  Stop by again soon.  We promise even though we’ve just started the busy season we’ll be here, often.  Hope you will too!  And there are some posts coming you won’t want to miss, if we do say so ourselves!


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Martin LaBar said...

That's a (mostly) serious-looking bunch. God help them!