Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Confessions Continued

Yesterday, while ironing no less, I was surprised by the fresh fragrance coming from the clothes as they warmed under the iron.  Even hanging them up I could still smell it.  And, even if only because my smeller has become more sensitive, I made a decision.  I think Tide is worth it!  Even if I’m buying into a sales pitch and the $4 bottle works just as well, that fresh, clean smell means something to me right now…  Enough though I’ll have to search out other uses for that borax, washing soda and vinegar!  I can still feel good about myself.  There’s always the coupon option!!  I’ve even found an expert  to learn from! 

So the confession here:  Jason was right.  The clothes feel cleaner and smell a whole lot fresher.  Sometimes modern day conveniences are worth the price tag!  At least to us right now.  Maybe when diaper prices come into the picture we’ll reevaluate. :)

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