Friday, July 3, 2009

Southern Take on a Northern State

 IMG_5433 The deep south has always been home and like camp folklore we grew up on stories of the dreaded north complete with stereotypes of disgruntled northerners.  Somehow we thought New Yorkers would definitely fit the mold.  But to our surprise, whether to be attributed to the beautiful St. Lawrence River many live on or the amazing 70 degree weather, we found these New Yorkers cheerfully hospitable.  So gracious, in fact, they’d put many a southerner to shame!  0627091856

And who said we eat so wonderfully terrible in the south with our homecookin’?  New Yorkers aren’t so different.  Anyone ever heard of poutine (french fries covered in cheese and brown gravy) or Jdrecks subs (half a cup of mayo per sub) or the ice cream shops located every two miles?!  Northerners have their own secret indulgences we see.  And we so enjoyed them too! 

Thank you McGrath family for totally taking us in like your own and giving northerners a very good name!


Martin LaBar said...

People are people everywhere -- some nice, some not so.

Paul McGrath said...

It was our pleasure to accomodate you fine southern folk. We just tried to give you the same hospitality that you all graciously bestowed to us in the South. THANK YOU!!!