Friday, July 3, 2009

Journey South

So in spite of MapQuest's estimate of 12 hours, it took us 18 to get from Upstate New York to the Outer Banks.  But to give ourselves some 0627091445credit, we learned to never, ever take back roads if you have any time frame for arrival at all; and three hours of the trip were spent on back roads hunting down the elusive Amish.  Not really elusive, just hard find on the east side of Lancaster amongst all the ridiculous tourist trap stuff.  (I guess by driving hours out of the way to see them includes us in those I just bashed.)  Contrary to our naivety, the Amish do not live by major intersections or 7elevens and there is NOTDSC00030 a sign  that says, “Welcome to Amish country” with fields being plowed by  literal horse-power behind the sign.  We finally found some real Amish; they’re in the beautiful, rolling hills outside and in between all the built up hoop-la of the towns. 

Some observations/questions from Pennsylvania Dutch country:

1. The air has a very distinct and invasive smell of cow dung.  2. It seemed almost a mockery how modernized and dollar-driven it has become when the driving “site” to be seen is the simple and separatist lifestyle of the Amish.  They must feel so invaded.  3. Who pays over $1000 for a quilt???  4. Their homemade bread is wonderful…but expensive.  5. We saw no “work DSC00026smarter, not harder” bumper stickers.  6. Can anyone really visit Intercourse, PA without a snicker and picture by the sign?  7. Do horse and buggy’s have insurance?  8. We’ve never seen so many mules and so few horses and donkeys (for those slower ones of you…mules are the offspring of a donkey and a horse).  9. Wi-Fi in Amish country just doesn’t seem right.  9b. Do Amish teens secretly have facebook accounts?  10. Is all that corn (and I mean ALOOOOTT of corn) really planted by hand?

Enough of that.  We then took HWY 13 through Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia…finally to arrive at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge where we had to pay the $12 toll!!  By this time it was so dark we couldn’t even enjoy it.  We were impressed though by the construction:  probably 10 miles of bridge and tunnel. 

Just before midnight we welcomed the site of Nags Head, NC where we pulled in and crashed…18 hours later. 


Keetha Broyles said...

Speaking of Intercourse, PA - -have you ever been to Horneytown, NC which is just down the road from Climax, NC???

I kid you not.

Martin LaBar said...

There are ways to speed up corn planting, using horses, and other devices the Amish would not object to. I doubt very much that the corn is literally hand-planted.