Friday, July 17, 2009


After a five month lull of reporting, this is an epic comeback.  The experiences chronicled here are not for weak stomachs.

Monday was fine:  library as normal and circus books (since that’s the IT theme this week) complete with Dr. Seuss’s awesome If I ran the Circus.  Tuesday- great, Wednesday- off, Thursday- oh my.  Didn’t 100_8960 see it coming.  The little guy loves Mom.  Somewhere deep inside his DNA fireworks went off then the clock struck two and consequently departure for Mom has gotten tougher.  Thursday she hugged and kissed and left, and Little Guy cried:  crocodile, poochie-lip, no-end-in-sight kind of tears.  Such a massive torrent of tears that choking and gagging ensued and then (gulp) vomiting.  And to spare Little Guy any embarrassment, I’ll simply say it was everywhere and was unmistakably the scariest thing I’ve ever done in working with kids.  So glad to report he made a complete recovery when Mom pulled back in to comfort and help wipe up the Nile of tears and chocolate milk (use your imagination).   DSC00088      

  To improve the ratings for the week, Friday the circus came to town (or garage as was the case).   Egg balancing, disappearing children tricks (email if you need instructions), spoon races, tiger tamer, and high wire acts were all part of the show.  And no tears today DSC00096except those shed over not wanting the circus to end!  Not too bad a comeback from the sadness of Thursday I think.

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