Thursday, June 18, 2009

It’s early Thursday morning just before heading out to work then road-tripping our way down to see Georgia family.  Soup’s on in the kitchen (thank you How to Cook Everything whose name really is all it implies) and personal pizzas are lined up for supper.  We just wanted to recap a few events from the weekend before heading out. DSC00023

Charite, that’s Creole for giving alms.  Jason took part in a 5k this weekend that was organized by his brother who’ll be living in Haiti for a year.  The race was a success intertwined among SC’s Botanical Gardens and money was raised to support work in this Caribbean nation.  Not to mention, Jason finished 3rd nantahala in record time!

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters took us by surprise.  Driving up to visit a friend who’s working there this summer, we were amazed at this well done, uber focused camp!  There’s nothing like jumping into frigid rivers, swimming under waterfalls and sliding down white-water-covered rocks!  Kelley conquered a few fears that day!

   Aldi.  We’ve found a great way to lighten our/your load.  This supermarket was a great find.  Imagine an 8 oz. cheese for $1.29!  Saving .50 to 1.00 or more on each item really adds up.  See if there’s one near you and check it out.  For you green guys and dolls, there are no bags so bring your own eco-friendly, and don’t forget a quarter (which you get back) for your cart!  

Enjoy the weekend!  We’ll be back next week to give a preview of our upcoming road trip to New York state!


Keetha Broyles said...

I just found you because you started following Dr. LaBar's blog.

I'm guessing hubby and I went to CWC with Jason's parents, B & D. If that is true, then your Uncle Tim was one of our great friends as well.

Fun to find you - - - - I'll be back.

Keetha Broyles said...

I thought I might be right.

Yep - - - we spent lots of memory filled years at CWC. I'm GUESSING by your pictures that you are resident counselors in SB Hall, could I possibly be right again?

Oh the stories I could tell of that place!!!!

So fun to make the "connection" and I'm following you - - - so I'll keep up!!!