Monday, June 8, 2009

In Between

Yes, we are still here. No, we haven't given up on blogging. We still fully intend to keep blogging life if only for our faithful four readers.

It's just that we've been in between. In between semesters and smack dab in the middle of evaluating last semester in hopes of improving the next. In between deep, soul questions and in the middle of discussions with those we respect most for answers- namely God. And in between any significantly humorous, challenging, educational, or interesting tidbits.

But maybe there are a few. Perhaps noteworthy is the incredible dedication service we attended last night for a family completing the adoption of their little boy. Adoption is a high, beautiful calling!

Or the fact that our house is in the middle of a makeover. Pictures of that later.

Or maybe the challenging post I read recently about making a difference in small ways, right here, right now. Check it out.

And finally but most definitely the dog attack Jason survived Monday. When two dogs were barking as he passed, Jason used his trusty method of stomping and yelling for them to retreat. But, this time, they didn't. Provoked to attack? Maybe. I'm sure the yelling and stepping to the edge of their property didn't help. But as they got to him, teeth and all, he "kicked the fire" out of one dog's head. "I got him in the sweet spot," Jason brags. However, Jason lost his balance as he kicked and fell to the ground barely making it to his feet before the other dog took a bite. Getting ready to kick the second, they retreated and Jason made it out with only a sore ankle, hip, skinned hand and leg. (from the fall, not the dogs). Not sure what will happen today when they all meet again (Jason runs the same route most days), but this time Jason assures me he will have a stick. Pray, today, for the dogs survival and no angry neighbors...


Christi Neff said...

Yikes! I hope Jason is ok! I miss you guys and love you both VERY much! Can't wait til I get to spend MUCH more time with you....hopefully VERY soon!!!!


Martin LaBar said...

Or four and a half.