Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You Ever Take a Trip


If you ever take a trip, and your trip will be of length

DSC00014We offer here suggestions to give fortitude and strength

Make bladders a priority and hydrate really well

Walk around and limit munchies or your feet will surely swellDSC00025

Take lots of funny pictures to commemorate the trek

Feel better in just knowing everyone’s a wreck

Make a space for comfy sleeping and let drivers take their turns

DSC00018The driver plus a buddy ensures fewer crash-and- burns

If you’re needing snacks and coffee, better stop before 11

Coffee frosties just won’t cut it, and no Starbucks till almost 7!

So if you ever take a trip, and you travel with your friends

Keep a happy, cheerful outlook.  On this the trip depends! 0625090558 Looking forward to some sleep then the sites of Upstate New York and Canada.


Keetha Broyles said...

Very fun post!!! I'm impressed with your poetry skills.

I'm going to be taking two long treks in July - - - I'll try to remember your advice.

You call THAT a comfy sleeping place???? Girl, you need to redefine comfy.

Sam Stack said...

This is great!

Martin LaBar said...

Good work on the poem.

Hope you are enjoying the trip.