Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Overview in Sixty Seconds

All Along by Remedy Drive. Great song you're listening to now!
Breaking down. We were stranded in Clemson last week for about 30 minutes.
China- Where one of our students is spending the coming year.
Divine Nobodies by Jim Palmer. Great reading thus far.
Exercise. Four miles a day for Jason. Not so much for Kelley.
Fun couple pics! First time in four years- Thanks Laurin!
Goodbye to students. Thursday was graduation.
How to Cook Everything- A book recommended to us that we'll be reading soon because the cafeteria has closed.
India- Where one of our students is going this summer.
Junk. What the counter outside our apartment is covered with and a sore spot for Kelley.
Kas. Kelley's Aunt Kas has been in the hospital. Her mom is there with her, and we are hoping to visit them next weekend.
License. Hooray Jovi (one of our freshmen)!
Mother's day is around the corner, and we're planning to make fresh strawberry bouquets!
New York. We're taking a road trip this June!
Outer in North Carolina's outer banks. Road trip there in July to be with our friends Travis, Amanda and Norah.
Ping pong tournaments in the lobby.
Quiet. Blessed quietness that will permeate this building on Sunday.
Reunion. Last weekend Kelley spend some quality time with her mom and her cousin.
Strawberries are in, and we'll be picking a lot!
Teacher Jason. Such a good teacher that his student, Jovi, passed her driving test.
Umbrellas. It's been raining a lot lately and filling up the local lakes!
Visitor. We are so excited because our friend from overseas who lives in MI is coming to visit this month!
Wreck. This week Jason was in one! Though not his fault and no one was hurt, we are so bummed because it happened in his mom's van and did some real damage!
Xterra. That's our other car that's in the shop.
Young boys. Kelley loves her job!
Zany times with cousins on Kelley's Georgia trip last weekend.

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