Monday, March 23, 2009


phenomenal \fi-nä-me-nel\ adjective
a: known through the senses rather than through thought or intuition b: concerned with phenomena rather than with hypotheses c: extraordinary , remarkable

Though phenomenal was not a "Word of the Day" we received in our inbox (the latest have been words like edentulous \ee-DEN-chuh-luss\- (adj.)having no teeth : toothless), it's a word that's come to mind and mouth over and over this week. The twenty-third day of March was a day to celebrate 29 years of life for me, Kelley.

First OVERWHELMED by the kind wishes on Facebook, through cards and by phone (thank you so much), I was stunned to see the planning Jason put into a picnic in the mountains. After driving through remote mountain roads and being unable to find the spot we knew was there somewhere, God blessed us with an even grander view.

First a picnic, the-most-touching-card-I've-ever-received-in-my-whole-life kind of card, a cookie cake with the RA staff, more cards days following my birthday, I was then blessed again on Wednesday, March 25th. Jason came by work where I nanny two boys and told me some girls were waiting in the driveway. There, in the car, was Emily Munroe, Erin Munroe and Jenny Rickman waiting to take me to lunch and then....for a pedicure. And the only word I could think to describe their kindness and my excitement was phenomenal! Such an incredible, touching, phenomenal birthday day and week!!

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