Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Ponytail!!

Today I turned 12! In my eternal quest to find a hair salon, I have two beliefs: 1. No haircut is worth more than $20 and 2. A decent, trendy haircut is attainable and affordable. So today I did my research, read reviews and called around. I felt good with my final choice and scheduled an appointment. My goal: Have my tattered mullet-like haircut tranformed into something trendy. The result: A lifeless bob and bangs too long to keep down, too short to tuck or pull up in any dignified manner. At the salon I didn't say anything thinking it would look better styled but I wouldn't know that until I got home because of course $20 wouldn't include styling. For only twenty whole bucks that would be way out of the question. Overseas for three dollars I got a wash, AN AMAZING CUT, and a style!! Maybe here for $25 we could have negotiated. Probably would've gotten me two whole minutes of styling!

I know what you're saying. You get what you pay for. But not so! I once paid $35 with great expectations. When I walked out I couldn't help but think how normal and plain it was. Made me want to say (with an accent):
I pay-ah you-ah fifteen dollars and you make-ah me-ah look-ah good. I pay-ah you-ah thirty-five dollars to make-ah me-ah look-ah...how you say....spectacular. But I look-ah blaw. Give-ah me-ah my-ah money back!

Enough of the bitterness. So my great bargain leaves me home staring in the mirror at a 12 year old haircut and a gnawing desire to go find the scissors. Can't even bring myself to take a picture for you to see.

And what to do with "it" in the meantime? Too bad pulling doesn't make it grow. Quite sure it would have grown an inch already. I guess there's always the ponytail....and lots of bobby pins. Uggghhh.

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