Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Three in One

A visit from Abraham, a weekend trip to the Georgia beaches with RAs, and a lesson from God through a friend- the last few weeks have been busy.

With the international attention on the Darfur region of Sudan and recently on president Omar al-Bashir's defiance of the international court seeking his arrest, our Sudanese friend Abraham came for a visit to speak to students. Being a lost boy from the Sudanese civil war in the 80s, Abraham spoke first-hand of the atrocities still happening among his people. It was incredible to see him and relive the story of his time as a student at Southern Wesleyan and the journey of, after 18 years, realizing his family survived in Africa. A group formed. Six months and $20,000 later we watched Abraham, his cousin and a friend disappear through Security at the Atlanta airport bound for Ethiopia and the reunion, though once a dream, that must have made all of Heaven stop to watch. Soon pictures came back confirming the beautiful event had taken place. Lives were saved, literally, and two families were reunited. Abraham's prayer was answered. So sitting next to him again, two years later, was a reunion of sorts in itself.

The following Friday was RA time in Georgia with the Harrells (Kelley's parents). Picture it: fourteen people, one house, two bathrooms, and two islands to explore. The pictures speak for themselves. Great times! We're still finding sand. Even in the guitar.

The final of the three in one will be continued in the next post. Know that it involves food, freedom and Kelley. And it is changing our lives. Find out all about it soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Part of the Job

As a resident director of a dorm, Jason takes on lots of roles. His latest has been bat patrol. Because there are hundreds swarming around our building any given night, it's no surprise that some have found their way in. Thirty-nine to be exact! Unfortunately girls occupy the top two floors which seem to be the favorite spot our flying friends visit. You can imagine the screams!


phenomenal \fi-nä-me-nel\ adjective
a: known through the senses rather than through thought or intuition b: concerned with phenomena rather than with hypotheses c: extraordinary , remarkable

Though phenomenal was not a "Word of the Day" we received in our inbox (the latest have been words like edentulous \ee-DEN-chuh-luss\- (adj.)having no teeth : toothless), it's a word that's come to mind and mouth over and over this week. The twenty-third day of March was a day to celebrate 29 years of life for me, Kelley.

First OVERWHELMED by the kind wishes on Facebook, through cards and by phone (thank you so much), I was stunned to see the planning Jason put into a picnic in the mountains. After driving through remote mountain roads and being unable to find the spot we knew was there somewhere, God blessed us with an even grander view.

First a picnic, the-most-touching-card-I've-ever-received-in-my-whole-life kind of card, a cookie cake with the RA staff, more cards days following my birthday, I was then blessed again on Wednesday, March 25th. Jason came by work where I nanny two boys and told me some girls were waiting in the driveway. There, in the car, was Emily Munroe, Erin Munroe and Jenny Rickman waiting to take me to lunch and then....for a pedicure. And the only word I could think to describe their kindness and my excitement was phenomenal! Such an incredible, touching, phenomenal birthday day and week!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Ponytail!!

Today I turned 12! In my eternal quest to find a hair salon, I have two beliefs: 1. No haircut is worth more than $20 and 2. A decent, trendy haircut is attainable and affordable. So today I did my research, read reviews and called around. I felt good with my final choice and scheduled an appointment. My goal: Have my tattered mullet-like haircut tranformed into something trendy. The result: A lifeless bob and bangs too long to keep down, too short to tuck or pull up in any dignified manner. At the salon I didn't say anything thinking it would look better styled but I wouldn't know that until I got home because of course $20 wouldn't include styling. For only twenty whole bucks that would be way out of the question. Overseas for three dollars I got a wash, AN AMAZING CUT, and a style!! Maybe here for $25 we could have negotiated. Probably would've gotten me two whole minutes of styling!

I know what you're saying. You get what you pay for. But not so! I once paid $35 with great expectations. When I walked out I couldn't help but think how normal and plain it was. Made me want to say (with an accent):
I pay-ah you-ah fifteen dollars and you make-ah me-ah look-ah good. I pay-ah you-ah thirty-five dollars to make-ah me-ah look-ah...how you say....spectacular. But I look-ah blaw. Give-ah me-ah my-ah money back!

Enough of the bitterness. So my great bargain leaves me home staring in the mirror at a 12 year old haircut and a gnawing desire to go find the scissors. Can't even bring myself to take a picture for you to see.

And what to do with "it" in the meantime? Too bad pulling doesn't make it grow. Quite sure it would have grown an inch already. I guess there's always the ponytail....and lots of bobby pins. Uggghhh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girls Away

I couldn't resist posting these tonight. Even though our Michigan pics still aren't up <they will be>, the pictures from the weekend couldn't wait. While Jason enjoyed a weekend at home, some girls I mentor joined me in Georgia for some God and girl time. With a little photo scavenger hunt, prayer, free SWU Van and gas <thank you!!>, free cabin with lake and dark, scary woods <thank you, Grimes>, shopping, and 12 Stone church, we captured some pretty great pics that reflected the amazing time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Michigan II

So...Michigan! We had forgotten that 13 hours in a car isn't as exhilarating a road trip as we initially thought. Especially since we arrived at 4:30 a.m. But the dreary, wee hours of the morning, hold-your-lids-open driving was SO worth it. For eight reasons: Travis, Amanda, Baby Norah, Elnur, Jed, Beth, Emma and Baby Sophia. How cool to have eight friends within thirty minutes of each other and a free stay at a condo on Lake Michigan!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's amazing how much can change in a week. Sunday, after arriving back from Michigan, the weather was warm with bright blue skies. Just one week before we spent an hour stuck on I-85 because so much snow was falling that the roads had become slippery and a semi couldn't make it up a hill. Not to mention the car that had spun out blocking the other lane. We counted thirty-some cars that had lost it. Southerners and snow!

Thankful when we made it home, we enjoyed our winter weather while it lasted. Interesting that we saw more snow in SC than in Michigan!