Monday, February 23, 2009

To be prepared is half the victory. -Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Last summer I found myself the keeper of a crawling one-year-old and a sad-that-mommy-is-going-to-work three-year-old. We needed some purpose to our days and something exciting for us all to do. I mean, I can only play doctor so many times! The answer: 26 letters (a.k.a. the ABCs). What started out a shot-in-the-dark experiment turned out genius! (Really I just got lucky!) Each week held a different letter with new sounds, activities and even snacks. But eventually, the dreaded week arrived- Z and a sinking question: How do you top the alphabet?

Armed with learning objectives for three-year-olds, we've muddled through the first half of this semester. And now, through an Amazon search, I've found my solution: The Weekly Curriculum Book. Until the book arrives it's still up to a little creativity. Last week it went something like this.

Theme: Busy Bees
Activities: Songs, hive coloring page with poem, cardboard bees, and a number bee game
Snacks: Bee hives (small circular pancakes topped with honey and bees/raisins)
Graham Crackers w/ PB and honey

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Eddie, Martha-Marie, and Selah said...

Pretty sure Kelley you're a genius! I mean the alphabet thing was great...ending it with an alphabet party??!! Doesn't get better than that! Maybe you should start giving workshops or something...I know one person who would definitely be in attendance!!:)