Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thought Piles

After a series of altercations, we found ourselves on the road. Not just driving, but thinking and reading, sleeping and crying (well, me not Jason). Our almost six hour trip to Georgia to see the family began bitter and ended sweet.

Thanks to a super-organized gene in Jason's DNA (something I would love to claim possession of but can't seem to find), the house was left spotless. All trash, dishes and beds cleaned up as well as both cars. Thanks Mom and Dad Tegen, I can appreciate it even if I don't possess it. The mention that "I was just going to leave the cake in the pan until Sunday" didn't fly and the rumblings in our stomach set it all on edge because I attract clutter, he repels it. It's a goal this year to see if after almost four years (February 26!) of oneness I can begin to claim this gene for myself. But today's realization was: Haven't got it yet!

Quick trip by that zone where autos go and the insatiable rumblings subsided- enter Panera's Chipotle Chicken and broccoli soup, yum! After naps (we sound like toddlers) we talked then read. I mean, I read while we both took everything in. We'd never try to read and drive...gasp! ;) The Costly Call ,a new top book for me, captures stories of fellow image-bearers who once called themselves Muslims but now call themselves Christ's. The stories evoke a deep sob on the inside that's a mingling of joy for the outcome and grief for the process.

It led us to hearty prayers with more laying down of our own present and future. With unknowns inundating our minds, it's good to take the conglomerated piles of thoughts and tell/give/surrender them to the Giver. It's comforting to say the least. Thankfully God is good like that, even with big tangles of thoughts and hopes that have little rhyme or reason or beginning or end.

And a final thought pile from the road trip today: a sign on the roadside- FULLY rely on God. An answer given before the prayers were even prayed and a pile of thoughts I kept.

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